The Addams Family – The Musical

The Addams Family is back with laughs that will fill the arena. The world’s kookiest family is taking the United Kingdom by storm with a musical comedy that is brought to you by the same great writers that brought you Jersey Boys.

Samantha Womack takes on the role of the beautiful Morticia, the mother of the musical’s star, Wednesday, played by Carrie Hope Fletcher.

Fletcher embraces the role of Wednesday who has the same dark princess style and look as she did on television. Wednesday, always the interesting member of the family, finally lets some light into her life as she confides in Gomez, played by Cameron Blakely, to keep her secret.

What secret is she trying to keep from her family?

Wednesday, now all grown up, has fallen in love. Does he love her too? That’s a question that will be answered in time, but first the secret needs to be sealed up. Gomez, Morticia’s husband is trying his best to keep the secret to himself, yet he has a hard time keeping his lips sealed around his wife.

The traditional family members are lurking around, too: Uncle Pugsley, Fest and Lurch.

Comical at every turn, The Addams Family musical will keep the crowd hooked as cast members promise to entertain the entire crowd: from 7 to 307. The Addams Family does their best to try and make their family seem like a normal family when the two families meet.

Wednesday even chooses to be a little different, and she takes risks by wearing a yellow dress to the dinner. Everyone in the room, on the Addams Family side, are in disbelief. Wednesday never wears colors – she only dresses in black.

Magic is a main part of the show with Uncle Fester conjuring his ancestral spirits at the beginning of Act I. The fate of the Addams Family relies on the marriage of Wednesday and her new love, Lucas. Cast members do a superb job keeping audience members engaged and focused on the night’s events.

What will happen when they find out Wednesday is in love? Will the couple be destined for failure, or will they get married and happiness fill The Addams Family home?

Womack offers a wealth of experience to the musical playing in Mount Pleasant, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Home Again, Babes in the Wood, Imogen’s Face, One Night in Istanbul and dozens of other performances. She shines as Wednesday making sure that audience members have a night that they’ll never forget.