Beverley Knight

Beverley Knight, heavily influenced by Aretha Franklin and Sam Cooke, released her first debut item The B-Funk in 1995. She’s considered one of the best soul singers in England releasing a total of eight studio albums.

“Shoulda Woulda Coulda” and “Greatest Day” are two of Knight’s best-known songs.

Knight’s “I heart Soulsville” tour was slated to start in the latter half of June but has since been postponed until October 2017. Knight’s tour was delayed after she was diagnosed with Uterine Fibroids. The condition required her to have surgery. The condition, common among women, escalates faster in Afro-Caribbean women.

Uterine Fibroid surgery was required for Knight with doctors requiring the singer to have complete rest for several weeks to recover.

Doctors expect Knight to be able to return to her old level of activity and fitness once she has fully recovered. Tickets will remain valid for all news shows with Knight saddened that she had to postpone her performance.

Knight was graced with the MBE recognition by Queen Elizabeth II for her contribution to British music and her charitable work. She has worked extensively with AIDs organizations and has fought back against homophobic lyrics in the music industry. She sang at the 2012 Paralympics.

Knight’s debut album The B-Funk reached the 145th position on the top 200 charts followed by the 1998 release of Prodigal Sista. The album was Knight’s first album to be certified Gold in the United Kingdom. Prodigal Sista peaked at the 42nd position on the top charts.

Her subsequent albums have been a major success. Who I Am hit the top 7 position and went UK Gold. Affirmation hit the 11th position on the top charts and also received a gold certification. Music City Soul peaked at the 8th position on the top charts and went UK Silver.

Knight has also released 100% which reached the 17th position and Soul UK which hit the 13th position and sold 8,686 albums during the first week of sales.

Soulsville is her latest album, released 10 June 2016.

Knight’s highly anticipated Soulsville Tour is in support of her most recent album. Knight is known for providing tributes to some of music’s greats including tributes to David Bowe and George Michael. She performs every show brilliantly and chooses among an array of songs to get the crowd ready for a night of soul music royalty.

Backup singers and the accompanying band provide the perfect complement to Knight’s performance.